ADC-V521IR Indoor Wireless IP Camera w/ Night Vision ADC-V521IR Indoor Wireless Fixed IP Camera with Night Vision (ADC-V521IR) SKU: ADC-V521IR ADC-V521IR

 Provide Enhanced Indoor Video Monitoring The Indoor Wireless IP Camera (ADC-521IR) is a compact, stylish new indoor camera that offers many improved features at the same low cost as the ADC-520IR. Equipped with a 1MP sensor, the ADC-521IR is enabled for a viewing resolution of 720p at 30fps. Additionally, the camera can view a wide angle at 110 degrees which provides superior video security.

The ADC-521IR Features •

  • 110° Horizontal Field of View •
  • Viewing Resolution of 720p at 30fps •
  • Improved Image quality and Night Vision •
  • Increased Wi-Fi Range by 30% •
  • Refined Video Motion Detection Included Accessories •
  • Camera Stand •
  • Wall Screws •
  • Wall Mount •
  • Ethernet Dongle •
  • Power Adapter