135°F (57°C) Rate-of-Rise Heat Sensor, Wireless.
Manufacturer: Interlogix

The HDX-135 rate of rise sensor from interlogix offer an effective fire safety solution for environments with high likelihood of rapid fire development, like a kitchen or utility room, or where optimal smoke detectors cannot function effectively due to high dust conditions, like in a laundry room, garage or attic. These sensor is designed to monitor the room temperature and activate an alarm if the temperture gets too high or rises rapidly. The micro- processor trips the transmitter when the temperature at the sensor location reaches a fixed temperature of 135 degrees F (57 degrees C), 200 degrees F (94 degrees C) or 41 degrees F ( 5 degrees C), depending on the model installed. The sensor will be activated if the temperature increases at a rate equal to or higher than 12 degrees F (6.7 degrees C) per minute.