Security in a Box

You simply want to streamline costs of your current company or you have decided you want to compete with the DIY companies in the marketplace who have lower prices and a more scalable model.

Let us Help You Compete!

Current regulations in most states require a huge amount of overhead, a state or municipal license and the list goes on.  Here are a few things you may need to begin a security business:


  • A Qualified Agent who has a security License
  • Liability insurance and at least a year in the business to have reasonable insurance
  • 5-10 years of experience to quality for the QA license
  • Require all employees who handle customer information to register with the state and have a background check
  • If you intend to offer surveillance, you may be required to have a secondary license
  • Your Qualified Agent must have continuing education and annually renew their licenses
  • Each state and each municipality has their own set of rules to abide by and you can be fined for not adhering to those regulations and guidelines


Through our Affiliations and Agreements We Can Provide a 

Security Business in a Box - With

  • Standard wholesale agreements already in place for the best equipment in the business
  • A QA licensed professional to meet all state requirements and regulations
  • A reduction in overhead by offering professional pre-configuration with self-installation
  • Direct contracted or subcontracted installation on an as-needed basis that does NOT violate state laws
  • Pass through billing to your customer with agreed upon settlement of revenue based on what services are provided by each company
  • A record keeping vault that complies with all state requirements and regulations
  • End-user technical support VIA email and Tier 2 and 3 support options
  • A database of end-user videos and training materials that can be privately branded for your customers and your company
  • Blind drop-shipping to your customers so they receive their equipment from their trusted advisors
  • Remote maintenance of firmware upgrades and software upgrades to keep your customers up-to-date
  • The freedom to run your business

Featured & Expanded Partner Services

  • Identity theft for the whole family
  • Expanded insurance opportunities
  • Branded marketing through JOV (Just One Vision Marketing)
  • Mass Email Campaign Opportunities and Promotions
  • Complete E-Commerce Solution Available with branding